Bathroom Hijinks

This weekend some friends and I visited a local eatery, you might know it as the International House of Pancakes. (IHOP) IHOP is by far the best place to eat late at night/early in the morning. If it comes down to IHOP or Denny’s, IHOP is always the right choice. Before we left, after enjoying a meal of chocolate chip pancakes, it was time to hit the bathroom. My friend Kyle pointed out the strange design of one of the stalls in the bathroom.

Well that’s interesting! How did this happen!? Who was this made for, Hobbits? Shapeshifters? I could barely squeeze into the stall to take this picture, never mind trying to use the toilet. I’m not sure what was going on when this bathroom was designed, maybe the workers had a little too much of IHOP’s delicious blueberry flavored maple syrup. Besides this unique stall setup, the bathroom looked like it was intended to be a hallway, not a bathroom. One of the strangest bathrooms I’ve ever been in.

Here’s a site that deals with cool architecture/other wacky looking things: The Cool Hunter.


1 Response to “Bathroom Hijinks”

  1. 1 kdino February 1, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Treadmill of the Present. Hot damn!

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