Return to ZooMass

After a long (too long) winter break, I’m back at the University to prepare for my future career in something. Not much action took place over this break, the most exciting thing was probably a few rogue deer sightings in Pelham and my purchase of the Holga camera.

Picture from the Holga

Now that I’ve gone to all my classes I feel that I can classify them into different categories.

Computer Literacy 
This class falls into the category of “Non Interesting Science Class.” This category is for science classes that are extremely boring or present so much information that one simply does not pay attention. Computer literacy is in this category since I feel pretty confidant about by ability to use computers and I probably won’t pay attention while I’m sitting in this class. Last year I was in an Astronomy class which also fell into this category. While I should have been paying attention in that class since most knowledge I have of space is what I learned from “The Magic School Bus Explorers the Solar System”, I usually went to class and slept. Oh Well, I managed to squeeze out a B somehow.

Intro to Philosophy/Fantasy and World Literature
I’ll put this class into the “Boring Professor/No one pays attention” category. This category is for classes with a professor who doesn’t realize how boring he/she actually is. These professors usually have the false impression that the class is paying attention, but then half way through the semester they realize that most people have stopped coming to class, or just come and talk with their friends. The Philosophy class along with the Literature class have already shown signs that no one is paying attention, plus the fact that smart ass kids wasted half of each class asking stupid questions.

In the literature class the professor is what I’ll call the sterotypical “Book Lady”. Book Lady has old oversize glasses, long gray hair, monotone voice, and uses fancy words that only a literature professor would say. After quoting a passage from some crusty old author she said, “Treadmill of the present” at least five times. (By the way that’s possible the title to a future JDinos album/song, so don’t try to steal it)

Once I think up categories for the other two classes I’ll make a post about them. To anyone in those classes that asked questions, yes I called you smart asses, and yes your questions were stupid. I’ll be the kid sitting on the end of a row with  headphones and an aggravated look on my face for most of the class. Unless I fall asleep.


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