Can I Kick It?

My scanner woes continue here at work. Its finally Friday and hopefully the last Friday I’ll be working for a while. As a growing young adult i need Fridays to sit around in my house and play loud 90s rap music. The issues with the scanner are really fascinating, when I’m scanning a folder with 200 pages it won’t jam once. When I’m scanning one with 3 or 4 sometimes it jams on every page. Its frustrating and i realize I’ve been talking to the scanner quite a big. Since I’m in a big room and no one is around, I’ve started talking to the scanner. Usually i only talk to it when its not working, but all the same I hope no one overhears it. So far the scanner has not responded to my pleas to work properly and not rip pages in half or get stuck inside the inner workings of itself.

Evaluations Scanned: 10,608

If you’re a fan of Lost, last nights episode was probably the best season finale yet. People died, islands moved, and caskets were opened.

I’m going to eat a granola bar.


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