Short Week

Friday is the 4th of July, and like every other patriotic American I will be celebrating the birth of our nation, hopefully with a cold beverage in hand. Last week I watched the new ABC show Wipeout. It looked like an Americanized version of Ninja Warrior, one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen. While the show is similar, it fails to entertain or impress. The contestants on Ninja Warrior are usually skinny, fit Japanese people, sometimes Olympic athletes, and in general people who can run/jump. They take the show seriously and  some even build Ninja Warrior courses in their yards to practice. The contestants on Wipeout are Americans, sometimes overweight and certainly not athletic. There nothing impressive about seeing some chubby 40 something mom fall in mud repeatedly, after watching Ninja Warrior, its kind of embarrassing. Other than the obvious physical fitness differences, Wipeout makes things way easier. The first obstacle is a Ninja Warrior like obstacle course, but if the contestants fall into the water, they can climb back up and keep going. What!!??

This is crazy, anyone can finish the course if they can just climb back on after they fall off the obstacles. It just comes down to how fast they can do it. In in Ninja Warrior the contestants need skill and sometimes no one even finishes the course. Everyone finishes in Wipeout. Lame. The first and last challenges in the show are like this, the ones in between apparently change week to week. Wipeout could be sweet but instead its just like every other American reality show, they have lots of hot/dumb blonds and really ripped guys with a few old people thrown in the mix. Personally I don’t give a crap about the people, I want to see people conquer a crazy hard obstacle course – that’s why I’ll continue watching Ninja Warrior. The goal in Ninja Warrior is to achieve total victory, it doesn’t get more epic than that. Wipeout instead has some jackass commentators who constantly crack lame jokes and draw funny words on the screen like John Madden. Ha. Ha. The people on Ninja Warrior could school everyone on Wipeout with their eyes closed. Long live Ninja Warrior!


1 Response to “Short Week”

  1. 1 massrugby July 9, 2008 at 3:50 am

    This blog has a serious lack of recent posts.

    Suck it Trebek.

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