Holiday Road

After a short 4 day vacation with my family to Quebec City, I’m back at work. I guess it wasn’t really a vacation since I’m already on summer break which is a vacation, but at least I wasn’t at work. In case you’re wondering, family vacations now that I’m 20 aren’t what they used to be when I was 10 or 12. Now they’re stressful and there’s lots of arguing over what to do. Once you turn 18 or get to college, when you go away somewhere it seems like the goal is to go with your friends and drink a lot. What a country we live in!

Quebec City is quite the place, everything is in French and people assume you speak French, which gets annoying after a while. After 4 days it was nice to turn on the radio and not hear crazy gibberish or questionable French pop music. There was a huge amount of public drinking going on in the city, which I have been told is similar to what its like in Europe. Young people were walking around carrying cases of beer, drinking in the streets. Before we left I went into a convenience store and bought two huge cans of Labatte Blue (Bleu). These cans were comically large and I felt like a total badass drinking them.

When I got home this summer I had a strong urge to get back into PC games. After a year of only playing console games, I really wanted to play some of the good PC games that had come out. 90$ worth of video card later, I can now play most modern games, a first for me since my computers are usually out of date. I played through Bioshock which was incredible and by far one of the best shooters I’ve every played and I wanted to move on to Mass Effect. I’m not a huge fan of RPGs but this one takes place in space, and you can use lots of guns. Those are two things which will definitely hold my interest, but of course the gaming gods are not working in my favor. Although I surpass the minimum system requirements, the game gives me weird errors and crashes. It turns out lots of people are having the same problem, but BioWare has yet to release a patch. Get on it! I need to play this game! Until then I guess I’ll get into Unreal Tournament 2004 which has been sitting on my hard drive for quite sometime. I’m a geek!

Dont mess.

Don't mess.


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