These pretzels are making me thirsty

Almost done the lovely month of July here, which means the lovely month of August is here. July and August are similar, except July has the better holiday. The change of the month also means I’ve run out of work to do. This is going to be a very “relaxed” month by any standards, I’ll only be working 2-3 days a week. While this might seem like a great little vacation before I have to go back to school, it actually makes things difficult. Not going to work means ill be around the house all day, being tempted to spend money I’ll no longer be making. Ugh. I’m going to try to curb my spending and limit it to a few cycling products and some brewskis.

The Tour de France ended last weekend with Spanish rider Carlos Sastre taking the yellow jersey. I’ve only watched a few Tours, but this was by far the most exciting one I’ve watched. It had some great sprint finishes, exciting mountain stages, and the chase for the GC was close the entire race. Watching the Tour is very different from watching other sports. The tour lasts a month, most stages are 4-5 hours long and for most of the race you’re just watching the peleton chase down breakaways. Not the most exciting thing, but if you’re interested in cycling, there’s no better even to watch.

The Lowell folk festival was last weekend, and for the first time I figured out what the folk festival is all about. During the day the “Folks” are out. These are people who are genuinely interested in hearing all the weird ethnic music and eating the delicious foods. These are people who wear straw hats (more on that later), Birkenstocks, have a beard, wear big glasses etc. etc. Then around 9pm when the music ends and the food vendors close, the locals come out. The locals that come to the folk festival at night have one goal: drinking. The bars downtown are packed with people of all ages, boozing hard. For me, this is what the folk festival has become. Although I am not actually able to get into bars yet, its become evident to me that this is the best part of the folk festival. I honestly have no interest in hearing the throat singers, or the bluegrass bands. Sorry folks. Next year I plan on spending much more time at the folk festival, cold beverage in hand.

Coming tomorrow: Photo Essay on the 2008 Lowell Folk Festival


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