Hip-Hop Saved My Life

Its been a while since I posted anything. Its almost the end of the semester and I have a surprising amount of work to do. Usually at this point I have little to do, could it be because I’m a junior!? I don’t know. Well its cold out, which is fantastic. Time for wearing jackets and walking even faster around campus so my joints don’t freeze up.

Kanye’s new album comes out this week and since I have special privileges, I’ve heard most of the album. On most blogs I’ve read people are shitting on the album. Its not a hip-hop album, in fact there’s little rapping in most of the songs. The album sounds like it could be a Chromeo record with some Kanye mixed in. The vocals are done with Auto-Tune, which I think sounds awesome and is what I predict all music will sound like in the future. I’ve also been listening to The Smiths lately. Why didn’t anyone tell me The Smiths are amazing?

My interesting dorm got even more interesting on Thursday evening when I heard someone smashing a huge glass window. Wow! Extreme! People in my dorm are off their rockers, but it does keep things exciting, which im all for.


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