Back At The Zoo

Back here at UMass for another semester of learning and attempting to use as many DC swipes as possible. Winter break was a quiet affair, I didn’t have a job and only worked for a week at Slone. But while I did work I had one job and one job only: scanning. This time I decided to actually keep track of the evaluations I scanned. I posted the totals everyday on my Twitter account, but I’ll post the grand total here.

Grand Total for 6 days of scanning 8 hours a day: 27,095.

Sweet Jesus that’s a lot  of evaluations! I used a different scanner this time and things seemed to go smoother than when I scanned over the summer.

One of my classes this semester requires that I make a blog and post once a week. Woah! Finally, a class that encourages my excessive Internet use.

I’ve been listening to the new David Bryne and Brian Eno album, Everything That Happens Will Happen today. Its really good, and sound Bowie-ish at times. Check it:


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