Vacation in the Tropics

Fake Twitter accounts of famous people seem to pop up all the time. This time it was everyone’s favorite Tibetan monk the Dalai Lama. An account was created a few days ago proclaiming it was the official Twitter of the Dalai Lama. Impersonating someone else on Twitter obviously is against the terms of service, and the account was shut down.

I think fake Twitter accounts can be pretty funny, as long as they’re not proclaiming to be an actual person.  A few months ago someone created a fake account called whoppervirgins spoofing the Burger King commercials. The posts are hilarious and in no way are proclaiming to have anything to do with Burger King. Of course a few days later this happens. In this case I think its pretty obvious this is just someone having some fun with the Burger King advertisements, but of course in our world of trademarks, Burger King sends out a cease and desist. The whoppervirgins Twitter account is actually still active, so Burger King must not have been too concerned.

Another article from the Internet law news mailing deals with the Psystar company and their Hackintoshes. Apple doesn’t allow other companies to build computers that are come with the Mac OS, even though you could easily build one yourself. Microsoft Windows became the standard by allowing companies to manufacture computers, and put Windows software on it, and I think if Apple did the same they would see big money. If I could buy a cheap desktop running Mac OS out of the box, and had the ability to upgrade it on my own, without bringing it to an Apple store, I would consider buying one. Maybe.

In refrence to the title of this post here’s some TI:

Whatever You Like


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