New Zealand, Ewe Should Come

Reading through the internet law email this week I found this article pretty interesting. Internet blackout! Power to the people!

This article shows what I think is the worst case scenario for internet regulation. Once the government gets involved, and starts creating laws restricting things, the internet won’t be the same. I’ve read on other sites that the government in New Zealand is trying to set up a “three strikes” policy for copyright violators. That’s pretty scary also. If something like that were implemented here in the US, people would be getting the boot left and right. When I think of government regulation of the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is television. Its censored, you can’t access all the channels without paying extra, and people get fined for doing inappropriate things on it. All of these things would hurt the internet and drastically change it from what it is today. If the government had its way I also believe there would be a total loss of anonymity online, which is something basic to the internet today.

This article from Australia is even more disturbing. Forcing ISPs to block sites is bad news. Something like this would never fly in the US. Let’s not forget the motto of our neighbors to the north, the Granite State:

Live Free Or Die indeed.


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