Blueberry Week 2009

One of my favorite parts about the UMass dining commons is the special events they hold. There’s apple week, Alaskan seafood week, restaurant week, and this Thursday is “Smuckers Thursday“.

Last week was one of the best, blueberry week. Blueberry week is my favorite because of the strange way UMass goes about incorporating blueberries into the food. Some food with blueberry is obvious, muffins, or pie. But UMass goes a step further. Here’s what was being served at Worcester for blueberry week.

This tasty morsel was called, “BBQ Blueberry Chicken”. From what I could tell it was just chicken with blueberry sauce on it, which didn’t have a very blueberryish flavor. In the past the DC has been much more liberal with its slathering of blueberry sauce on pieces of chicken. In years past the blueberry chicken was covered with blueberry goo, I think the economy might be hurting UMass blueberry supplies.

Determined to have every blueberry food that was at the DC, I moved on to this tuna melt. I wasn’t aware of the hidden surprises lurking inside the sandwich, but I was in for a treat.

This was what I found. This was the most simple of the blueberry themed food. Its just a tuna melt with blueberries sprinkled in. The sandwich was actually great! The sweet blueberries went well with the tuna. I think I might keep this trend going, blueberries on tuna, or mix the blueberries in with the tuna.

These pictures certainly don’t serve these delicious foods justice. The harsh fluorescent DC lights and my cell phone camera  made the pictures pretty freaky. Anyways this blueberry week was a memorable one but was missing my favorite blueberry food: blueberry flavored coffee. mmmmmmmmhmm.

I can only imagine the wonders which will be Smuckers Thursday.


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