Flyer than the rest of ’em

More talk about facebook  is dominating the the internet law news this week. This article addresses the recent TOS debacle and talks about the user options to increase ones privacy. At least it mentions how few users actually look at or use the options, I don’t and I certainly don’t feel like going through my friends and restricting certain bits of information. If someone is this concerned about their privacy, its probably time to stop using facebok.

Another facebook issue described here, this week the Philadelphia Eagles fired an employee for comments he had posted on his facebook. The Eagles didn’t sign safety Brain Dawkins, and he went to Denver. A lifelong Eagles fan, Dan Leone posted on his facebook about how upset he was, calling the Eagles retarded. Leone was also a game day employee for the team, and had been for the past six years. One of his facebook friends told the Eagles organization about the comments he had posted, and he was fired. Really? Really Philadelphia Eagles? A game day employee says the team is retarded, and is fired. This is stepping over the line. If he had used his facebook to personally insult his boss or something along those lines, then yes, that warrants getting fired. But complaining about your favorite team not signing a player and getting fired over it is crazy, especially since he only worked on game days.

I think that eventually employers will take a step back and realize that social network sites are not a way to monitor your employees opinions. As I’ve said before I don’t think employers should be checking up on their employees facebooks, myspaces, twitters, or otherwise.

This article was very interesting, talking about an artist who uses SecondLife to sell his paintings. Although my SecondLife experience was less positive than his has been, he has found a pretty sweet career. Talking to people online trying to sell art, then painting? Pretty cool. I also thought this interesting since the artist lives a town over from me. The best part of the article is the dance his avatar does, called the “Wet Kitty”. This is possibly be the best  name for a dance I’ve ever heard.

A different take on the Wet Kitty.

A different take on the Wet Kitty.

This week I downloaded the Talking Heads album, More Songs About Buildings and Food. Like a lot of other albums I’ve downloaded lately, I wondered why I hadn’t head this a long time ago. This is a great album, I especially like David Bryne, which is probably why I like Talking Heads so much. Listening to this album I can definitely hear how Talking Head have influenced modern bands.

Next week I’m heading to Virginia with the bike team for spring break to do some serious riding. I might bring the laptop, I might not. But there will be a big post concerning that in a few weeks.

Here’s an old classic from the days in OHill. Turn this one up, way up.

Wale – Nike Boots


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