Wham City

It looks like copyright issues are now popping up in the book world. JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series is trying to get her books removed from the site scribd.com, where users can upload their own literature, or apparently someone elses. Some of Rowling’s books were up on the site, available for free and she wants them taken down. The site administrators say they comply with request by copyright holders when asked to take material down.

The article mentions how this is a small problem now, but will be a bigger one in the future. If new technologies like the Amazon Kindle start go get popular, people will definitely start looking for free ways to acquire books. I’ve done some searching for text books online, but couldn’t find the ones I was looking for, but just doing a quick search on a torrent site, its easy to find the Harry Potter series books in downloadable form. The article concludes with a statement saying how the music industry has been ruined by this kind of thing, and it would certainly be a disaster for the publishing industry. Correct! Instead of fighting it like the music industry did, maybe publishers will take the hint and adapt to new technologies before piracy and illegal downloading of literature become even easier.

This week I’ve been listening to the new Dan Deacon album. I’m not exactly what musical genre Dan Deacon could be placed into, its completely electronic and completely crazy. I listened to some of his first album, but couldn’t really get into it. This one is definitely a step forward. Here’s a highlight


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