Everyday People

Well the NCAA tournment ended last night along with my bracket, which ended when UConn lost to Michigan State. Damn! I was hoping for a UConn/UNC final. But Michigan State won and got smoked by UNC. I think UConn/UNC would have been a way more interesting game. Whatever. Next year I’m calling UMass in the Elite 8. Ha. Ha.

Here’s an interesting article from WSJ about the government allocating funds to improve internet access in the US. The funds would be used to improve the network, making it much faster than what’s available today as well as looking at competition between internet service providers.

I’m all for improving internet access, and especially improving internet speeds. If a next generation network were put in place here, it would certainly make internet addicts like myself happy, and improving internet access would help out those who can’t get it now. The problem is whether the FCC would try to place restrictions on internet companies improved with government funds. The article mentions how it could hurt investments and be “counterproductive”. I definitely agree, the government can shell out money to improve networks and speed all it wants, but if it tries to place restrictions on how the companies operate, the improved network won’t do much good if it hurts investments in new startups.

Over the weekend I went down to West Point to race with the team. (Where I finally scored some points) The van we took lacked a working tape deck, so we were forced to listen to the radio. That’s when I heard this gem for the first time. This song is hilarious and most surprisingly, its by Jamie Foxx. Ha!


1 Response to “Everyday People”

  1. 1 kdino April 11, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    The best part about that song is that it’s “Featuring Christopher Henderson”. Remember Christopher Henderson, the bad guy on 24? Jack Bauer shot his wife in the leg. It was awesome.


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