Little Droogies

I watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time a few days ago. It has come to my attention that there are lots of movies I haven’t seen, this being one of them, so I’m trying to watch as many movies as possible. Last week I also watched Lawrence of Arabia, when I told people about that they seemed confused/found it funny. I’m not sure why…  Anyways  A Clockwork Orange was absolutely crazy. Violent, unsettling, with great music. I remember seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was a kid and it really freaked me out. I found the movie incredibly creepy, and still think its pretty creepy. Stanley Kubrick movies are great, definitely memorable.

News agencies seem to love to talk about Twitter almost as much as they love to talk about pirates. Two articles from the New York Times both deal with Twitter. The first one talks about backlash from the discovery by authors that gay/lesbian themed books had been placed in the “adult” category on, making them difficult or impossible to search for. Soon after the discovery, concerned authors/readers were firing off angry tweets left and right. Amazon’s response wasn’t quick or reassuring which led to more angry tweets, and finally Amazon admitted it was probably an error.

This is an example of how Twitter will probably be used in the future… to complain! Everyone likes to complain, and with Twitter its easy to complain about things that lots of other people are complaining about. Just tag it! Bingo! The possibilities of complaining on Twitter are endless. If the Red Sox lose and Papelbon blows the save, you can Twitter about it! Enough Tweets, maybe Theo will get nervous and trade Papelbon for  Mariano Rivera. That’s a fictional situation which will never take place, of course. I predict that soon Twitter will take over Facebook as the Internet’s medium for complaining. Complaining on Facebook is accomplished by creating groups to convey anger/start rants about religion/complain.

The second article offers a more interesting and useful future use for Twitter: starting political protests! Last week in Moldova, a country known for its wine and its women, massive protests erupted after an election. Angry, tech-savvy young people took to the Internets and Twittered up a storm. Soon the streets of the capital city Chisinau were full of protesters,  and riots/fires/beating  happened, but the hard-line Communist government (which just won the election) soon had things under control.

Good effort young people of Moldova! Maybe if the government hadn’t cut off Internet access once they realized what was going on, more people would have rioted! Maybe there would have been a coup! This story shows the huge potential for the angry or possible disenfranchised to get their voices heard and to start a crazy riot via Twitter.


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