The Pirate Bay trial ended last week, and the Swedish Pirates were found guilty and sentenced to a year in prison. Yikes! Earlier in the semester I predicted that this trial wouldn’t result in any change in the activities of people online seeking movies/music/software by illicit means, and I was right! Sure the guys running the site may have been found guilty, but the site is still up and running! What has this accomplished? According to the New York Times article its “good P.R” for the music and recording industries. Really? Maybe to the uninformed this is good P.R., but in reality the only thing that’s different is these guys are convicted felons.

Trying to take down Bit Torrent tracking sites is a losing battle that the movie and recording industries are only now beginning to fight. Just like the Napster, Kazaa and Grokster issues years ago, when one website/file sharing software goes down, more spring up to take its place. I’m not sure there is an easy solution to the problem, and to be honest, for me there is no problem! Of course I don’t want any of these websites shut down! If the majority of people knew how easy it actually is to get music/movies/software online, companies would be shaking in their boots.

In other news it appears Humans v. Zombies has started up again on campus. I don’t personally know anyone who participates in this, and when ever its brought up everyone seems to have a negative opinion of it. This leads me to wonder, who is taking part? Most people seem to think its ridiculous, and childish. I tend to agree, but if people want to shoot each other with Nerf guns, and throw socks, who am I to stop them? Carry on zombie hunters/humans. I’ll keep my zombie hunting contained to the video game world.


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