Blake’s got a new face

Looking at my old, cracked, scratched cell phone (LG VX8550) which I’ve had many fun times with, I couldn’t help but wonder when I can get a new phone. Then I saw this article and got super excited! I can get a Hi-Phone in China for pennies!

It seems like knockoff cellphones are a huge hit in China. And why not? Who wants to pay for an expensive phone from Nokia of Motorola when you can get one with a similar name, and exploding batteries?  According to the article a group of just a few people can churn out these phones and sell them for as little as 20$. These knockoff phones even have their own late night inf0mercials, which is pretty cool. I can only imagine Billy Mays hawking cell phones here in the states.

The issue with the fake phones, (aside from taking away business from the big cell phone manufactures) is the possibility of the batteries exploding. This is pretty scary, and I wouldn’t want my pants catching fire due to an exploding cell phone.

What this really shows is people are tired of paying crazy amounts of money for phones that could obviously be produced cheaper. The article mentions that the fake cell phones are already driving down prices. Although the knockoff phones may be dangerous, in the end it helps out the consumers who are willing to buy the legitimate phones. Knockoff products will always be produced and although this phenomenon hasn’t spread to the US, its possible.

Last week I saw Vampire Weekend in North Hamptron. I remember first reading about Vampire Weekend a few years ago, when every music blog was constantly talking about them. The show was pretty good, but also pretty short. When I though about it I realized they only have one album, and most of their songs are fairly short. Either way it was a fun time and the lead singer Ezra Koenig definitely looks like Roger Federer from a distance.

This weekend I’m going to start tracking the progress of a pair of jeans I have. These jeans are deteriorating at an alarming rate, so I’m going to take pictures of the pants until they turn to dust. Stay tuned.


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