Biiiiiike Raaaaaaaace

This Saturday is the sort-of -annual Orchard Assault! Bring your friends, bring your kids, bring a cowbell! The race is always a suffer-fest for the riders and shouldn’t disappoint this year.

Candidates in  Sweden running for the European Parliament seem to think that new anti-piracy laws are too harsh. The candidates argue that most politicians in Europe who support the laws are old, and don’t understand modern technology. Ouch! But seriously, no intelligent politicians with knowledge of the internet would support the laws anyway. The article also mentions how the laws were influenced by Hollywood execs and under pressure from the US.

The fact that this article mentions that these lawmakers are under pressure from the US and Hollywood is interesting, since no laws like this are even being considered in the US right now, and there aren’t any lawmakers speaking out either. It seems that the Pirate Bay fiasco has made politicians in Europe eager to pass legislation to try and stop file sharing activity, even if the laws are unrealistic. Nothing like this has caused any controversy in the US, but its bound to happen. The best part of the article is that it mentions one candidate who is from the Pirate Party. Pirate Party! Why isn’t there a Pirate Party in the US!? Who wouldn’t want to be a member of the Pirate Party?

I found the Pirate Party’s website, and they have some pretty extreme views, they’re in favor of abolishing the patent system all together. They bring up some good points about why they believe this, but something like this will probably never actually happen. Most of the website is in Swedish, but if I can find a Pirate Party tshirt, I’m all for it.

The post about my deteriorating pants is coming soon.


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