Semester Over

This is my final post for my legal studies class, so I’m going to talk about hazardous waste. Dell, the fine folks who brought us this guy, have banned the export of “e-waste” to developing nations. This doesn’t have anything to do with the Internet law, but who hasn’t seen crazy pictures of this stuff?  Here’s some

Ewe. That stuff can’t be healthy, and at lest Dell is trying to do something about it, although the article mentions that it “does not mark a significant change in the PC maker’s behavior.” So in reality nothing will probably change, but we’ll still see crazy pictures of mountains of old PC monitors rotting somewhere. I predict that in the future when slobs in western nations continue to throw out our old PCs, this will become an even bigger problem and eventually the piles of “e-waste” will rise up and attack their human overlords who threw them away. That’s just speculation.

A better solution to this problem would obviously be to recycle these computers, I’m not exactly sure how this happens, but it can’t be that difficult. Of course, rather than recycling computers, I’d rather try to sell my old computer, as most people do. The best solution is a program where I decide to recycle my old computer, and someone gives me some cash for it. Problem solved.

Now on to more pressing issues, like my deteriorating pants.

These pants are falling apart faster than a Tokyo drift crash. (Pretty fast) Never before have I owned a pair of pants that have fallen apart faster. Every time I wear them, the holes get bigger. The fabric of this particular pair is paper thin, even though all my jeans are the same brand/style. I remember the first hole that developed, it was a tiny rip, which I soon made huge by sticking my foot through it when I was putting them on.  Since them I’ve been extra careful to not stick my foot through the holes, and I’m not even sure how both legs ended up with these huge holes.

Wearing these pants is like driving a car with the windows open, its breezy and chilly. At this point potentially embarrassing holes are beginning to develop in the crotch. It might be time to put these pants to pasture, or maybe ill turn them into shorts, but I worry this will make me look like Daisy Duke. Scary.

Finally to commemorate the end of this collegiate road season, here’s MHC’s sex doll sitting on my bike. Enjoy.


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