Summer break: Week ?

Its the third or fourth week of my summer vacation, and I’m still unemployed. Because of this I’m instituting the “Unemployed Summer Budget” or USB. As part of the USB I’m going to attempt to only spend 20$ a week. This isn’t going to be easy, I spent that in one day last week.  Also last week was KDino’s birthday where I racked up a 13.00$ bar tab, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was all PBRs, so it was quite a few drinks. Hopefully this week, ill curb my booze spending.

Last week our friends across the pond voted in the European Parliament election, and the Swedish Pirate Party won a seat! I first talked about the pirate party in a previous post, and in that post I declared they would never get any real legitimacy, I was wrong! Now the pirate party is totally legit. I think there needs to be an American branch of the Pirate party, although I don’t want to start it, third parties aren’t exactly popular here in the US of A.

Since I spend lost of time at home now, I’ve been watching the Today show on occasion. The Today show is on for hours and hours every morning. The show actually ends and Regis and Kelly come on… but after Regis its another hour of the Today show! Today show watchers are no doubt familiar with the 10:00 hour of the show where Hoda Kotby and Kathy Lee host. This is the funniest part of the show, since Kathy Lee is out of her mind, and the other lady is named Hoda. Hoda. Anyways I highly recommend the 10:00 hour of the Today show for some good chuckles.

The new Passion Pit album, “Manners” came out recently, and is a good listen.

If you have a job for me, that doesn’t involve anything too illegal, let me know. Maybe if I get a job, I can up the USB from 20$ to 25$!


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