Summer Thus Far

Well the actual summer has arrived, the weather is finally nice and there are occasional thunderstorms. This is how summer usually happens, although this year the first two summer months were quite un-summer like.


I finally managed to get a job (thanks Grandma) and I’m now an employee at Atlas Paper Company. I work in the warehouse and basically have the position of warehouse bitch, I sweep, lift things, cut down the weeds growing around the building, etc. Unfortunately working in a real paper company isn’t like working at Dunder Mifflin. The boss is old, and funny, but not on purpose. Everyone is less attractive than the people working at Dunder Mifflin, and for the most part fairly normal. The warehouse is another story, everyone that works down there is crazy, they swear like sailors, and in usually say things not fit to post in this blog. It’s pretty much manual labor for me, but I do need money to survive and buy beers.

Speaking of beers, last weekend was the Lowell Folk Festival, which has become my favorite summer event. I’m not a big fan of the festival it self, unless you like Zydeco bands and throat singers, its not that interesting. The food is definitely worth it, but the real action is at night when the streets are closed off and the bars serve beer outside. Why isn’t this happening all the time!? Beers outside in the street is always a good idea, plus the lines force you to double fist, which seems excessive at first, but then just makes sense.

Of course the Folk Festival also means straw hats, and this year didn’t disappoint. The straw hats were out thick and deep, I could barely keep up with them. Everywhere one turned, a straw hat was close by. So without any further delay here is: Straw Hats of the Lowell Folk Festival 2009. (I’ve got too many pictures and Flikr won’t let me upload all of them without upgrading to Flikr Pro, which isn’t happening today… Part II coming soon)


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